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    Apple's 11-inch iPad Pro is on sale at massive discounts in refurbished condition (today only)

    Apple's 11-inch iPad Pro is on sale at massive discounts in refurbished condition (today only)
    Woot is back with a brand-new deal on refurbished iPad Pros released a little over a year ago after offering a huge selection of 12.9-inch models at solid discounts just a couple of weeks ago. This time around, 2018's beautiful 11-incher is on sale starting at a reasonable price of $599.99.

    Curiously enough, you can choose between a Wi-Fi-only and LTE-enabled iPad Pro 11 configuration at 600 bucks, even though the latter is obviously a lot costlier when purchased new, unused, unopened, and undamaged directly from Apple or an authorized third-party retailer. The list price of this sleek and powerful tablet is $799 with nothing but Wi-Fi support included and $949 when also adding cellular capabilities to the connectivity equation.

    Check out the deals here

    If you want to expand on the entry-level 64GB storage variant, a refurbished 11-inch iPad Pro is available with 256 gigs of local digital hoarding room today only at $699.99 and up. Yes, there is a difference between Woot's price of Wi-Fi-only and cellular-capable 256GB configurations, but it's a teeny-tiny one, so it's still a lot smarter to opt for the latter at $709.99. 

    In case you're wondering, a brand-new 256GB iPad Pro 11 normally costs a whopping $949 and $1,099 in Wi-Fi-only and 4G LTE-equipped variants respectively. Finally, Woot is currently charging $809.99 for a 512GB refurb with both Wi-Fi and cellular connectivity in tow, compared to the $1,299 sticker price of the same slate in brand-new condition.

    As usual, you get a 90-day limited warranty with refurbished devices from Amazon-owned Woot, although the seller doesn't go into a lot of detail regarding the cosmetic condition of these substantially discounted 11-inchers with razor-thin bezels, 3D facial recognition, Apple A12X Bionic processing power, and excellent battery life. If history is any indication, you should probably expect them to look reasonably well-maintained and work just as smoothly as new units backed by a full 1-year warranty.



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