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    Nokia 9 PureView becomes only the brand's second phone updated to Android 10

    Nokia 9 PureView becomes only the brand's second phone updated to Android 10
    Exclusive Nokia brand licensee HMD Global took us by surprise somewhat a couple of months ago by rolling out its first stable Android 10 update to a mid-range device that you can't even buy in the US, but now the high-end Nokia 9 PureView is finally following the 8.1's suit.

    Available pretty much everywhere around the world, including stateside, where it has recently scored a number of substantial discounts, the Snapdragon 845 powerhouse is not exactly the year's best-reviewed Android flagship. But this is without a doubt the fastest Nokia smartphone ever released, which is why many people might have expected the 6-incher to make the jump to the newest OS version a little sooner.

    After all, this is the official champion of Android 9.0 updates we're talking about here, which managed to bring Pie-flavored goodie packs to a whole bunch of mid-rangers by the end of 2018. This time around, we can expect the Nokia 8.1 and 9 PureView to only be joined by the 7.1 on the Android 10 bandwagon before the year is completed. And not even that is etched in stone anymore, based on vague replies to questions about a release timeline on Twitter.

    Apparently, the update is to be delivered anytime "between Q4 2019 & Q2 2020", although it's not entirely clear if that refers solely to the Nokia 7.1 or the brand's full lineup previously confirmed for relatively swift Android 10 promotions. If the existing roadmap sticks, the 7.1 will be followed by the 6.1, 6.1 Plus, and 7 Plus in January 2020, as well as the Nokia 2.2, 3.1 Plus, 3.2, 4.2, 1 Plus, 5.1 Plus, and 8 Sirocco by the end of next year's first quarter.

    Those are some incredibly ambitious plans from a company that's obviously also preparing to release a number of new phones, all of which should run Android 10 out the box.



    2. meanestgenius

    Posts: 22611; Member since: May 28, 2014

    Just finished downloading Android 10 to my Nokia 9 Pureview! One would have expected it to get Android 9 first, as it is the most innovative and most powerful of HMD’s Nokia branded smartphones that is available around the world. It’s their best smartphone to date, and a number of things prove this. But I’m thinking that it took a bit longer to release for the N9PV due to things like it’s penta camera set up and co-processor. Still, HMD has been better at updating its fleet of smartphones than other Android vendors, so kudos for the update to the Nokia 9 Pureview.

    3. Venom

    Posts: 3893; Member since: Dec 14, 2017

    *Android 10 At little late than never, but the other Nokia phones shouldn't take so long to get Android 10 considering that they are hampered down by a pentagram camera system. Imo the Nokia Pureview isn't as good as the Nokia 7.2, which is the best Nokia phone available so far in the US. A FPS, micro sd card slot, and a headphone jack are essential features that users still use that the Pureview doesn't have.

    4. meanestgenius

    Posts: 22611; Member since: May 28, 2014

    It’s *Better late than never. And it received it quicker than most other Android smartphones have. The N9PV is factually proven to be the best Nokia branded smartphone out today. Opinions do not trump facts. It also has a FPS, and higher water resistance, higher, built in storage, and a superior camera and performance are also essential features that the N9PV has over the 7.2, which are a few reasons why it’s the best Nokia branded smartphone available worldwide. But I will say this, the both the N9PV and the 7.2 are better offerings than Googles Pixel line. Nokia branded smartphones offer a much less problematic Stock Android experience than Googles smartphones do.

    5. Venom

    Posts: 3893; Member since: Dec 14, 2017

    You don't have to be so combative all the time. We all like the phones that work for us. No need to be so aggressive all the time. I do think you are pushing your opinion as fact. The things you listed for the Pureview are opinionated much like the things I said, so it doesn't overrule my 7.2 comments from above. A phone these days don't need to have the latest and greatest just to get the job done. I'm just going to say that your Google comments are completely hyperbolic in nature.

    6. meanestgenius

    Posts: 22611; Member since: May 28, 2014

    You don’t have to be so dramatic all of the time. Me responding to your comment is not being combative. Perhaps you shouldn’t always be so aggressive against what you don’t like all of the time. I know you push your opinions as facts, and there are many on this site that agree with that assessment. What I listed about the N9PV are facts: It is most powerful Nokia branded smartphone and has the best camera and build quality out of them all. Fact. It performs faster and better than any other Nokia branded smartphone. Fact. What you said is opinionated and doesn’t overrule what I said about the N9PV. You literally made your comment about the 7.2 to try and combat my comment about the N9PV. You even started off your comment trying to correct mine. Let’s not deny this. The N9PV doesn’t have the latest and greatest, even at launch, so yes, a phone doesn’t have to have the latest and greatest to get the job done. But it’s a fact that the Nokia 9 Pureview gets the job done faster and better than any other Nokia branded smartphone. But all Nokia branded smartphones offer a better stock Android experience than what Pixels have to offer. I’m just going to say that you are denying the facts about what I said about Googles Pixels.

    7. Venom

    Posts: 3893; Member since: Dec 14, 2017

    I'm not being dramatic at all. You are combative quite often and it's evident in the recent Huawei article. Just because you like the Pureview doesn't mean others have to. I'm not trying to push my opinions as facts. I simply listed things users have actually said that they rather have in a phone. Just look at some of the comments on PA. People prefer to have a physical FPS, a micro sd card slot, and a headphone jack. Then you just said up above that a phone doesn't have to have the latest and greatest to be a good smartphone. That is exactly the point I've been trying to make despite your stubbornness against any opinion other than your own. You can say whatever, but I stand by with what I said before regarding your pointless Google dig. Btw, don't think that I haven't noticed what you are doing.

    8. meanestgenius

    Posts: 22611; Member since: May 28, 2014

    You are being dramatic. Responding to your comment isn't being combative. Of anything, it's you that is being combative because I responded to you and mentioned the fact that the N9PV is the best and most powerful Nokia branded smartphone available globally, and that's evident right now. Funny you should bring up Huawei, because you often aggressively attack them on their articles as well. Just because you don't like the N9PV doesn't mean that others shouldn't like it. You continually try and push your opinion on others, while I post what actual users say about their experience with the N9PV, as well as other smartphones like Pixels. Just look at the comments here on PA. People prefer a smartphone with a better battery, less issues, cameras that offer more/multiple cameras, and phones with better build quality. It's funny that you mention things like a headphone jack, expandable storage and a physical FPS, because your beloved Google has stripped all of those things away from their flagships Pixels. I've never said that a phone has to have the latest and greatest to be good, and I challenge you to post where I've said it as opposed to lying to change the facts to suit your false narrative. But you cannot deny that a more powerful and efficient SoC will give you better performance than a less powerful SoC, especially as far as stock Android is concerned, but you will no doubt stubbornly deny this. You can say whatever you want, but I stand by what I said regarding your pointless aggressive attacks on what you don't like, like the N9PV and Huawei. BTW, don't think that I haven't noticed what you are doing, either.
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